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Our team of experts understand the challenges and opportunities of site development.

We only hire the best of the best! Eukon Group believes quality of work is a key element to success.

We control quality by performing work in house rather than outsourcing.

This is one of the many reasons that Eukon Group is one of the few premier site acquisition companies that people choose to work with.

We are committed to building experience professional teams with proven success records.

Read more about our services below, and download our brochure.




Real Estate and Permitting
  • NSB, DAS, ROW, MCA/MODS and Small Cell/CRAN

  • Site Identification, Lease/Zoning Review

  • Jurisdictional Research

  • Leasing – Successful negotiation of below-market lease rates

  • Zoning and Building Permit procurement, coordination and submittals

  • Jurisdictional permitting at the federal, state and municipal levels

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Project Management


Construction Management
Architectural and Engineering
  • In-house core group of professional Designers and Drafters

  • Professional engineering services, drawings reviewed, stamped, sealed and signed by Registered Professional Engineers

  • Prepare civil, and site structural engineering plans, specifications and estimates

  • Right of Way sub-structure research

  • Structural Analysis, Structural Design and Detailing Retrofitting, Evaluations / Reviews.

  • As-built mapping, Tower Mapping, Pole inventory, Attachment Audits, Site Surveys and Site Inventory.

  • Complete CADD design services

  • Field engineering, make-ready engineering & joint pole permitting

  • Team of blended staff that are established Geotechnical, Professional Land Surveying and Mechanical Sub-Consultants.

  • Utility Coordination, design and application

  • Grading / Earthwork Design

  • RFDS Management

  • Power

  • Prepare power application with local Power Co.

  • Manage address validation between City / Power Co.

  • Negotiate Temp power solution (Power Plus and private landlords)

  • Manage all Generator Permitting

  • Compliance

  • Bird Surveys

  • Reservation Properties

  • Kit Fox application and approval

  • Material OrderingRequest Quotes/ Prepare POR for Carrier processing

  • Tower

  • Shelter

  • Generator

  • BID Walks

  • Prepare BID package

  • Schedule/Perform BID walks

  • Package results for Carrier to select winning BID.

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